Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bad Habits That Can Lead To Debt

We all have bad habits. Smoking, chewing your nails and eating unhealthy are some common ones. But we also have bad habits that can lead to major debt problems. Having too many credit cards can lead to debt due to the temptation to max-out one after another. Spending more than your earn is a problem a majority of people face. Using your credit card to supplement your income will only lead to a big bill later on down the road. Missing a payment can really put you on the fast track to overpaying. Late fees and added interest can make catching up very difficult. Not knowing your account balances and your credit balances makes it easier to get into debt farther. Always know where your money is, plus how much you owe and to who. Finally, know when to ask for help. It may be embarrassing, but the sooner you admit you need help, the quicker you can be debt free. Kicking these bad habits can help put you an the fast track to a debt free life.

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